I’m Natascha ,
-Akashic Records channel and lightworker- and I’m thrilled to see you here!

My mission is to support you in your spiritual journey and help you align to your divine soul blueprint. I want to help you connect to your own soul, so you can start living your purpose! Knowing WHO you REALLY are at soul level is life-changing.
Let me help you shine your brilliance, beautiful soul!

Are you a starseed? How are you using your divine soul gifts? What is your past life story and what karma have you dragged along with you? Do you want to align your relationships and perhaps even your business?

My psychic access points are the Akashic Records, spirit guides of earth and star heritage, angels, archangels, and my higher self. I work with the divine forces of love and light, and only with the highest vibrational energies!

Intuitive Readings and Energy Work 

I’d be thrilled to work with you in a one-on-one session or coaching program! If you want to find out exactly who you are at soul-level, and what you past life story ist, try the Past Life Soul Reading. If you want to meet your personal spirit guide team, and get channeled messages from them, I’ve got you covered. If you would like insight into a situation, choose the intuitive tarot reading. For deeper karmic clearing work, check out the Akashic Records clearing programs where you soul blueprint is restored to it’s pure, original state. And if you are a business owner (or an aspiring one), come and experience energetic business success coaching like never before!

a little video about my services

Personal Soul Readings

Intuitive Tarot Reading

*Tarot Readings are open again for a limited time! You can either request a general reading or ask specific questions about relationships, career, choices or any other subject matter.  Please note that I read future energies and  timelines, with focus on problem-solving and solutions. 
I work with my team of light as I am reading the cards for you. Spirit will never tell you exactly what to do, but deliver solid guidance so that you can make better choices. You will receive a recorded video reading.

Past Life / Earth & Starseed Reading

Gain knowledge about the journey of your soul through history! We go back to the very origins of your soul – and you will find out if you are an earth- or starseed, with all the details.  You will learn about your soul gifts & talents, and important past lives & connections. This reading is excellent if you are curious to know more about yourself, where you came from and what has shaped you. It’s also an excellent introduction to the deeper karmic clearing work which I offer.
You will receive a recorded MP3 audio reading.


Spirit Guide Channeling 

I’m super excited for this work! Soon you will be able to work with me to connect to your own team of spirit guides!
We all have a dedicated inner circle of of 4-7 spirit guides that stay with us throughout our lifetime to assist and guide us in this human experience. We also have an outer circle of spirit guides.
In this reading you will get to know exactly who your spirit guides are, which role each one plays on your team and what they have to say to you. I will channel specific messages from each guide that wants to talk to you. You will also learn to recognize how your guides are trying to catch your attention to give you messages. I will record a MP3 audio reading for you.


Soul Realignment: Your soul story and karmic clearing

Soul Realignment


“Know thyself” at the deepest level

Soul Realignment is truly one of the most complete energetic clearing methods available! It’s a must if you want to live your full potential in life and NOT let your negative past karmic patterns hold you back. In this reading you will receive your detailed soul profile information like your divine gifts & talents, your starseed soulgroup of origin, your soul specialties, your spirit guides, and much more. You will learn about your karmic blocks, and do profound clearing work. If you are feeling blocked, held back, and unable to get the results that you want, this is for you! First I do detective work in your Akashic Soul Record (“the book of Life”), in the 5th Dimension. I find out your karmic patterns, your specific past life soul stories, and what happened then. What karma have you dragged along with you? We’ll clear all that and help you make changes in your life so you can be happier and aligned to your purpose.


Deep Relationship Reading: 
clear the karmic blocks!

Deep Relationship reading & clearing

I open both your Akashic Records sided by side. Then your past life stories are established in detail; your soul contracts, negative karma and blocks. You will learn who you really are at soul level, and how your resonate to each other. Also, 3rd party influence at soul level is revealed.
Now it’s time to CLEAR that relationship karma, and you can start the healing process. This reading can be done for ANY kind of relationship; love past or present, family/friend/business relationships.


Business Success Coaching (energetic alignment readings)

Business Success Coaching

A totally new way of coaching and making business decisions:
Let’s read the energy of your business in the Akashic Records! All aspects of your business must be aligned to your divine soul blueprint for your long-lasting success.

If you are just starting out, have a small service business or own a large corporation, this modality works. First we set up your business as an energetic entity in the Akashic Records. Then I read the energic alignment for every aspect of your business – products & services, sales, marketing, business systems & partners/employees. Then we start the course-correcting and adjusting together (you brainstorm, use your expertise and I dowse) until every part is 100% aligned! 


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